Sunday, July 11, 2004

Visio for enterprise architects 2003

I've just been playing with this and if you choose "Database Model Diagram" then "Database" then "reverse engineer" It does a great job at creating a DB diagram with all the tables, relationships, stored procedures etc. A much better job than enterprise manager.

Point it at the Sharepoint databases and its easy to see at a glance all the relationships etc. It makes it easier to get a handle on what all the tables are for and how they are related to each other.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Frontpage SharePoint reports

I'm always finding new things in frontpage.
Today was the reports that you can get back from a sharepoint site.

1. Open a WSS site in front page
2. Select the web site tab in frontpage if its not already selected
3. Select the reports tab at the bottom.

You can get reports here on lots of things, especially if you enable Usage Analysis in SharePoint. However even without it you can see things like:
- Recently added files to a document library
- Checked out status of files
- etc

Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0

This looks interesting, I must check it out.

Office Information bridge

Theres so much information out there its hard to keep up.

SharePoint Resource Kit

Ok, It arrived from amazon yesterday.
I must admit im always a bit put off by big thick computer books but it looks to have a lot of interesting stuff. There also looks to be some groovy tools on the CD check it out at SharePoint Resource Kit

Ian's Sharepoint Blog

Ian's Sharepoint Blog

Ok just testing

First Blog

Ok, I've recently been amazed by how much information I've managed to pick up via blogs. My thanks to the SharePoint old timers, James, Brad, Patrick, Jan, Bill, Serge, Etc. Etc.

I thought I'd give blogging a whirl to see if I can put something back into the SharePoint community, and also use this as a place to keep track of some of the new info thats appearing all the time.

It's Funny a year or two ago there was no documentatin on SharePoint, recently I feel a little swamped by all the new stuff and new and interesting links etc to try out. I guess I'm just adding to the madness.